Solar energy is the world’s most abundant resource. The life-giving energy of the sun is also an invaluable source of electricity, with modern technology allowing the safe harnessing of the sun for years to come. Our solution is easily deployed and flexible, allowing it to fit into various scenarios, from large-scale utility production to SMEs and bank branches.
Cost trajectories of solar PV system components have declined sharply over the past years, meaning that the technology is more affordable and solar tariffs are lower than ever before. By purchasing solar electricity or a solar PV hybrid system, businesses, governments and individuals are investing in a clean, affordable and reliable power source.
Below are some frequently asked questions from prospective customers.

Does solar make sense for my business?

Yes. Fluctuations in the price of diesel, maintenance and operational costs of generators are set to increase at alarming rates. In addition, the demand for electricity ensures utility companies like PHCN build new infrastructures and increase their tariffs. This means that relying on the centralized grid infrastructure and diesel alone is subject to steep price increases in the future. A hybrid solution with solar powering a large percentage of your energy consumption is a successful means of decentralizing energy supply and a way for businesses to regain control over energy supply. Solar PV is the more reliable, affordable, and a cleaner alternative.

What options are available for my business?

Starsight provides a wide range of options to clients depending on their energy needs.

  • Full Hybrid solution
  • Solar-only option
  • Ownership option

What does the Operation and Maintenance(O&M) service include?

Starsight’s Operation and Maintenance service includes several activities to monitor performance and detect issues early on, ensuring system efficiency throughout the lifetime of the project. These services include:

  • On-site support and maintenance of solar panels, including fault fixing and routine cleaning
  • Generator maintenance, servicing and repairs
  • AC servicing and repairs
  • Continuous performance monitoring and alarm triggers indicating necessary remedial work
  • Access to engineers for quick fixes and in-depth troubleshooting

Can the Solar PV system power the existing motorized equipment in the branch e.g. diesel and water pump?

Yes. However, in some cases, the hybrid option is recommended.

Do I have to go completely solar?

No, you do not have to go solar completely. We have a flexible power offering that is not limited to solar yet economically viable to your business.

What are the scale up opportunities?

Starsight’s projects are designed to factor in an increase in energy demand as the client’s business grows. For instance, if the load requirement of your site increases as a result of additional AC units or equipment, Starsight upgrades her installation to cater to the increased load. Please note that this comes with a fair adjustment to the service fee.

Who is responsible for the O&M of the assets and replacement?

StarSight Power Utilities Limited.

What is the cost of a typical site?

Every project is unique. Therefore, site cost depends on the size of your facility, load requirement and the run hours.

What is the minimum and maximum contract tenure?

Contract tenure varies from 2 to 20 years.

How does the Starsight solution work?

Starsight makes an assessment visit to your site to carry out a load analysis for free. Then design solution(s) that best fits your site. You choose the most appropriate for your business.
Our services include: procuring the assets (solar panels, inverters, batteries and generator), construction and commissioning of the site, operations and maintenance of the site – as agreed in the contract.

My business uses power at night, how will your solution help me?

Despite using energy at night, a solar PV installation, coupled with batteries, could still be a fantastic solution. Night time energy users can make use of PV energy by storing the excess produced during the day in a battery which is used at night. For high energy sites, we provide standby generators to power your load.

What is the post-installation maintenance plan?

Maintenance activities such as solar panel cleaning, AC and genset servicing are performed after hours without interrupt your business operations.

What is the solar panel installation arrangement should the building roof not be big enough to accommodate the entire panel?

Starsight erects a ground mount or a canopy within your premises.

Do you charge per kwh?

Yes we do in some cases. The price per kwh is indicative based on the customer’s power requirement and contract terms.

Do I get to own the asset?

Yes you can own the asset once you are on the full ownership option.

What do I do with the decommissioned asset?

We offer asset disposal services i.e. we take the burden of disposing the asset off you and give you good value for your money at the current market value of the asset in line with the life span as at date of decommissioning.

How much discount are you offering? What is the percentage on my power savings?

We offer up to 20% discount with peculiarities on the contract.

What is the capacity of your biggest installation?

We can deploy but not limited to 5MW.

What is your roll out timeline?

Our roll out plan is 1 to 3 weeks depending on the size, regulatory permits required and type of business.

What if I don’t have enough roof-space for panels?

Starsight can provide stanchions or ground mount for the panels to be mounted.

How efficient are the solar panels during rainy season?

Yes, during the rainy season the solar still works.